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APRIL UPDATE: Radolfzell Summer School draft schedule uploaded

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MARCH UPDATE: INDIVIDUAL LESSONS with Furuya Teruo, Matama Kazushi and Kakizakai Kaoru

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In 2014, the European Shakuhachi Summer School will be held from June 19 to 22, in the town of Radolfzell in southern Germany, on the shores of Bodensee, the lake separating Germany, Switzerland and Austria. This picturesque town incorporates an intact medieval town centre, and enjoys a mild and friendly climate, making it ideal for a summer event. Additionally, it is near to culturally significant cities such as Konstanz.

Radolfzell is also the home of the so-called Weltkloster (World Monastery, weltkloster.org), a centre for interreligious dialogue and cultural exchange. The Weltkloster is the main cooperative partner with the ESS for the 2014 Summer School, and teaching and workshops will take place in its spaces. The Weltkloster also has a history of engagement with Japanese culture and shakuhachi, including a symposium over three days entitled “Japan in the West” (2013), and several concerts by shakuhachi-master Jim Franklin (Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshukan, Europe), who is the primary organizer of the Summer School.


The Weltkloster, Radolfzell, with Bodensee in the background

Radolfzell-teaching space cellar

A small-group teaching space in the Weltkloster

Concerts are planned during the Summer School in various churches in Radolfzell, and possibly in other towns on the shores of Bodensee.

Impressions of Radolfzell can be gained under www.radolfzell.de

The focus of the 2014 Summer School will be honkyoku, with emphasis on the lineage of Yokoyama Katsuya as propagated by the Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshukan, as well as contemporary music for shakuhachi. Other schools and directions will, of course, also be represented and taught, including Tozan and Kinko.

Beginners, intermediate and advanced. Instruction will be available for participants who have never played shakuhachi, and who are commencing at the Summer School. Plastic beginners’ instruments will be available for loan or purchase. PLEASE NOTE THAT INSTRUMENTS OF LENGTH 1.8 SHAKU WILL BE USED FOR ALL TEACHING. If you do not possess a shakuhachi of this length, you will need to obtain one before the Summer School, or borrow a plastic beginner’s instrument at the Summer School.

The Summer School will commence officially on the morning of 19th June 2014, at 9 am. It is thus recommended that participants arrive on the evening of 18th June 2014. Additionally, an introductory concert with the KSK teachers from Japan is being planned for the evening of 18th June 2014 (8 pm).

The Summer School will end at about 5 pm on 22nd June 2014. Participants may choose to depart on the evening of 22nd June 2014, or to stay overnight and depart on 23rd June 2014 (or later).

The ESS 2014 Radolfzell Summer School is sponsored by the Japanese Cultural Institute, Cologne