Accommodation in Radolfzell

The following is a list of hotels in Radolfzell which have been contacted regarding accommodation for participants at the European Shakuhachi Summer School, and which have indicated that they have space available.

As Radolfzell and the Bodensee region are popular holiday destinations, even in early summer, it is recommended that participants book early. Communication with the hotels can be carried out in German or English.

The European teachers will be staying in Hotel Krone; the Japanese teachers from the Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshukan will be staying in the Summer School venue (Weltkloster) itself. The Weltkloster is not equipped to provide accommodation for Summer School participants.

Hotel Krone am Obertor
(Mr. Hans Weber)
Obertorstraße 2
78315 Radolfzell

Tel. 0049 7732 4804

Waldhaus Hotel Garni Radolfzell
Schützenstraße 64
78315 Radolfzell

Tel. 0049 7732 9455690

Gasthof Seerose Radolfzell
Mooser Straße 36
78315 Radolfzell

Tel. 0049 7732 3579

Hotel Garni “Zur Schmiede”
Herr Dreher
Friedrich-Werber-Straße 22
78315 Radolfzell

Tel. 0049 7732 99140

Hotel Garni Adler
Herr Siegmund Götz
Seestraße 34
78315 Radolfzell

Tel. 0049 7732 92530

Hotel & Boardinghouse Kreuz Radolfzell
Obertorstraße 3
78315 Radolfzell

Tel. 0049 7732 8236509

Youth hostel / camping
Naturfreundehaus Bodensee
Radolfzeller Straße 1
78315 Radolfzell

Holiday apartments
Another accommodation option is holiday apartments, for several people, if participants group together.
The following URLs call up search engines for such apartments in the area of Radolfzell:

Should these links fail to operate, a Google search on
Fereinwohnungen Radolfzell Bodensee    or    holiday apartments Radolfzell Bodensee should produce a list of search engines.

The list of apartments on offer is constantly changing, and the owners have not been contacted by the organisers of the Summer School.